Our dogs are best described as class gentlemen shooting dogs, with great disposition and confirmation.

Singleshot Kennels is a small kennel in southeast Georgia in the small town of Blackshear.

Since early childhood, I could be found looking in books and magazines and admiring pictures of birddogs and retrievers.   There is nothing that can get a young bird hunter more excited than seeing a retriever with a duck in his mouth or a birddog pointing a covey of bobwhites!

After graduating from college in 2001, I began researching the breeds I was interested in.  I started out with several  Labradors Retrievers and competed and titled several dogs in AKC/UKC Hunt Tests.  However, my love and admiration for pointers quickly took over.  I began researching some of the best possible bloodlines that are to be found.   My pride is in the pedigrees and you'll find the names that either have or are  making history in  field trial competitions.

The Elhew line will be found in the pedigree of almost every dog I own. Mr. Bob Wehle spent over 60 years developing, line breeding, and training the premier shooting dogs in the country. Pointers from his lines are sought after by hunters, field trialers, and breeders still today.  I am trying to help "Preserve the Legacy".

We usually have 3-4 litters a year. Our dogs are bred to produce field trial/hunting companions with field performance, superb health, classic appearance, and a quiet demeanor in the home. We also occasionally have started and finished dogs available to approved homes.

I do not offer professional training for clients. I only train and compete with my personal dogs and pups.  I believe that the most qualified breeders of good dogs are those who are also the trainers of their own stock, which helps make us more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our dogs.



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